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Airwheel Q1

  • Rs. 37,499

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Product Description for Airwheel Q1

Airwheel Q1 is the lightest scooter and easy to carry. It uses simple but fashionable appearance design.The Airwheel is a self balancing vehicle controlled by gyro sensors that will keep it upright and react to how you place your weight. You drive it by gently leaning forward. To brake and slow down you lean gently backward. It is very natural, it's easier to experience than to explain.It is a twin wheel electric unicycle. It owns a 130Wh Sony battery.It uses parallel twin wheels to provide stronger and more stable fuselage, ensure a safer riding.The 12 inch twin wheels with humanized design, become one of the most light electric unicycle mars rover, portable and with small occupation space.Built-in LED power indicator light, with more concise appearance and more closely and exquisite appearance design.Fantastic for all users, of all shapes, sizes and ages. The 2 wheels positioned next to each other, functioning as one, gives the user a much greater surface area on the ground and is therefore easier to ride.


Key Features of Airwheel Q1

  • Twin Wheel Electric Unicycle Self-Balancing scooter
  • Fashionable appearance design
  • Unique parallel twin wheel
  • Humanized appearance design
  • High-tech LED display board
  • Range up to about 18 miles
  • top speed upto 10 mph
  • Changeable Battery: 180WH
General Specification
Brand Airwheel
Model Q1
Color Black - Red
UPC 6925611210201
In the Box
  • 1 x AirWheel Q1 Electric Unicycle
  • 1 x Charger
Technical Specification
Dimensions(H x L x W) 18.3 x 13.7 x 7.4
Weight 10.6 kg
Tire Size (inches) 11.6
Maximum Load 120 kg
Maximum Speed 18 km/h
Range per Charge About 18-23 Km
Charging Time 250 Min
Working Temperature 15° ~ 105° F
Charger voltage AC 220V 50-60Hz
Safe Climbing angle About 15°

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