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Airwheel S3T

  • Rs. 176,499

Product Description for Airwheel S3T

Airwheel S3T is a Self-balancing electric scooter.The S3T's battery powered motor is capable of reaching 160 rpm. The battery's capacity is 520 Wh or 680 Wh, with a charge time of 360 minutes and 470 minutes respectively. The maximum charge time will yield an estimated four hours of continuous use or a maximum range of 45 km. The S3T is great for nipping across the road to the shops or simply visiting a mate's place, with short 2-3 km stints being ideal. Added to the S3T's range of functions is Bluetooth 3.0, allowing riders to pair the S3T to their smartphone and play music via a pair of base-inserted speakers. The speakers are loud and audible, but clarity is lost when riding at high speeds (12-15 km/h). Therefore, coasting slowly along at 7-10 km/h is ideal for the onboard speakers. High-tech materials make so strong.Rare technology is our basic requirements.

Key Features of Airwheel S3T

  • High-tech materials make so strong.Rare technology is our basic requirements
  • Riding safety with dual guarantees
  • Unexpected stability
  • Safety and comfortable feeling
  • Water-Proof
  • Maximum Speed up to 18 km/h
  • Wireless Speaker
General Specification
Brand Airwheel
Model S3T
Color White - Orange
In the Box Airwheel S3T
Technical Specification
Dimension 50 x 24 x 23.1 inch
Weight 22.4 Kg
Lithium battery: 520Wh
Motor 1000 watt
Max. speed 18km/h
Distance for one charging 45-60 km + 700€ = 80-100km
Weight limit 120 Kg
Rate of climb 15°/18°
Size of wheels 360 mm
Charger AC 76V-240V, 50/60HZ
Pedal Height 4.5 Inch

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