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Airwheel X8

  • Rs. 149,999

Product Description for Airwheel X8

Airwheel X8 is a self balancing vehicle controlled by gyro sensors that will keep it upright and react to how you place your weight. You drive it by gently leaning forward. To brake and slow down you lean gently backward. It is very natural, it's easier to experience than to explain.The X8 model has a absolute top speed of 10 mph, however the normal driving speed is 8 mph. When the speed goes above 8 it will lean slightly backwards to make you slow down, and a warning beep is heard. 8 mph is a very comfortable and safe speed. It can drive up hills of 15°. People of max 130 lbs can climb 18°. (15° is quite steep!). It has a great performing 170 WH battery from Japan capable of 1800 recharge cycles. The range of the X8 is up to 14 miles. This will vary based on your weight, speed, terrain, temperature and how you drive it. The most efficient way is to drive at a constant medium speed. Frequent stops and accelerations will use more battery.It works worldwide on both 110V and 230V voltages and comes with a Canada/USA 2 prong cable.The X8 is charged 80% full in 80 minutes and 100% full after 120 minutes. IP56 Water resistant. It means it can drive in light rain. Don't attempt to drive in heavy rain or in pounds of water.

Key Features of Airwheel X8

  • Carbon-Fibre Pattern
  • Intelligent Balancing Chip
  • Original Japan-Made Lithium Battery Inside
  • 16’ Magnified Slim Wheel Hub
  • Range up to 14 miles
  • drive up hills of 15°
  • LED lights indicating battery level
  • Water Resistant
  • Full Charge time - 90 Min
  • Maximum Speed up to - 18km/h
Technical Specification
Brand Airwheel
Color Black
Model X8
UPC 6925611203234
In the Box
  • Unicycle x1 
  • Charger x1 110V for US/Canada/Japan/Mexico 
  • Auxiliary Belt x1 
  • Training Wheel x1
Technical Specification
Dimention 19.5 x 17.7 x 6.6 inches
Foot platform height 4.5 inches
Tire size 14 inches
Weight 11.1 Kg
Maximum Speed 18km/h
Weight Limit 120kg
Power Consumption/100km
Charge Time 90min
Range/Km 23
Safe Climbing Angle About 15° (riders weighing 60kg get up to 18° )
Charger Voltage AC 220V 50-60Hz
Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C (best at 20°~30°C)
Battery 130Wh / 170Wh / Lithium (protection board with SOC equalization)

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